Artist's Statement

I have always had a passion for art. It's a way of expressing our most guarded parts of ourselves. I first discovered my passion for art during high school. I took as many art classes as I could and it was those classes that helped me decided to pursue a career in art. There wasn't anything else I could see myself doing and I still can't see myself doing anything else today. There is something about creating art, whether it be painting, drawing or another form of art that completes people and makes them feel emotions more vividly and deeply.

When I create a piece or art I could be inspired by many different things, music, a smell, a feeling, nature or people and even their views of the world. It's from there that the creative process starts. Once the inspiration is there the imagination can do so many things. I start thinking of images and colors. the images and colors that come to mind can express emotions or ideas and through art they become a whole expression. When I paint the rest of the world just fades into the background and the real me gets to take charge for a while.

My goal as an artist is to share that and allow others to feel that power and emotion through the work that I create. It is a goal that can be reached but will also never be fully completed. The goal of sharing expression is a never ending journey, it's filled with challenges and surprises and to me that is the best part. I reach my goal of sharing creativity and expression each time someone views my art or takes it home to share with their friends. That is why I love being an artist.

Katie Broker