What to do When You Have Artist's Block

What to Do When You Have Artist’s Block

It’s no secret that as an artist, you will have times that you experience artist’s block. It’s never a good feeling. It’s extremely frustrating, at least for me it is. Feeling like you want to create but you’re stuck, frozen, and without ideas just sucks.


Here are some ways you can break out of artist’s block and get back to your creativity. These are things that I do myself to get inspired and start creating again.


Visit a Friend

What have I been doing lately? Painting!


Recently, in preparation for the art show, I have been painting almost exclusively.  I experiemented with several different styles and mediums in order to create the most original pieces to take with me to the show.  

The 2017 Art Show was so exciting!  During the course of the day, I visited with many people, both art fans and fellow artists and crafters, and enjoyed our conversations immensely.  This art show was a busy and exciting one, with quite a few in attendance.  I sold several of my favorite paintings.  I had such a wonderful experience that I'll definately be going to other art shows in the future.

In this photo, you'll see part of my art show display.  These are just a few of the paintings that I took to the art show.  One of my favorites, Tornado Sky (middle left), sold at the show.  I was so happy to see it go home with someone who will enjoy displaying it as much as I enjoyed creating it.